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Channels include Discovery Channel HD, DMAX, TLC, Animal Planet, ID and Home & Health. We only accept proposals from TV production companies.If you have an idea for a programme you should research which production companies have worked on similar projects and submit a proposal to them directly.Mint az internet oldalak többsége, a Discovery oldalai is felhasználnak cookie fájlokat, hogy segítsenek a felhasználónak az ajánlatunkban szereplő kitűnő tartalmak mindegyikéhez való hozzáférésben.A cookie fájlokra és az azokkal való rendelkezésre vonatkozó részletes információk az Adatvédelmi szabályzat link alatt találhatók. important;}.ezoic-wrapper-column-2{max-width:282px! important;}.ezoic-wrapper-column-1 *{max-width:282px;}.ezoic-wrapper-column-2 *{max-width:282px;}.ezoic-wrapper-content *{max-width:898px;}Widget Wrap{display:table!



Discovery has 11 channel brands in the UK covering factual and lifestyle & entertainment programming.

Alternatively tweet us at For music used in adverts you need to contact the advertiser directly.

PACT Discovery does not accept unsolicited show reels.

If you want to become a presenter you need to contact a production company or casting agent directly.

A show reel should be interesting, fun, no longer than 5 minutes in length and include several scenes that show variety.Do not go to great expense and get family or friends to help.



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