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You know, that was a brilliant way of executing events of Kurugaya's route with the limited amount of episodes they have.

As a Kurugaya route fan (She was my favorite heroine route in the game), I am impressed. Also, as someone unlearned in the art of moonrunes, I have to say the whole Loli (21) thing went over my head completely.

And have I mentioned how much better Rin is compared to the VN. I enjoyed the episode, it's one of the funniest so far for the most part, though I have to say the romance stuff felt rather sudden and there is not nearly enough development between Riki and Yuiko to make it believable for me. ;_; Kurugaya's always been my favorite heroine too, and though I've seen quite a few people complaining, I think her route's been wonderful so far!

Like, it's pretty staggering how much better a character she is. The romance was a little sudden, but that can't be helped with three episodes per girl, I suppose.

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