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The organization was founded by John Hlinko, a thirty-six year old dotcom marketing director and political consultant...


-- 'that's in military time, 2004, get it?John Hlinko, Draft Wesley co-founder, says that kind of story is duplicated over and over." Plugged in Politics, The News Hour (PBS) "A new course was charted through the never-never land of San Francisco politics yesterday when a lawyer who once got 0.3 percent of the mayoral vote and a friend whose business card describes him as a ``comedy writer/model American'' were hauled into court over a ballot argument satirizing the 49ers' stadium-mall plan." Ballot Satirists Hauled Into Court, San Francisco Chronicle "' Just Say Blow' is only the latest in a history of activist hijinks for John Hlinko... Mitch Mc Connell, R-Ky., had once said that Americans care as much about campaign finance reform as they do about static cling, Hlinko showed up in the Senator's office with 30,000 petitions calling for campaign finance reform and 100 sheets of Bounce, and wearing a static cling suit -- that's a suit with socks, underwear and bras taped all over it." Students for a Drug-Free White House to Bush: Fess up!, Salon "[Wesley Clark's] potential candidacy took on a life of its own with with the launch of a grassroots movement called Draft Wesley Their pioneering work during the 2004 campaign was nothing less than revolutionary, and changed the way Americans participate in politics."Wesley K.


Click here to see recent TV appearances by John Hlinko on CNN, Fox, and elsewhere.

"The website, actforlove.org, is the latest master stroke by political animal/Internet buzzmeister John Hlinko.



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