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    As one gambling addict told Schull: “I could say that for me the machine is a lover, a friend, a date, but really it’s none of those things; it’s a vacuum cleaner that sucks the life out of me, and sucks me out of life.” Schull thinks this point — that for machine gamblers, it’s not about the money, but the escape into the “zone,” as Mollie and other gamblers call it — has eluded politicians who wrangle over casino openings and expansions throughout the United States, where more than 30 states currently have some form of legalized machine gambling.

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    Terrence, who previously dated Selita Ebanks, seems to have settled down (at least for now) with another model. News" host just wrapped shooting "Coupled" in Anguilla, a new show he hosted that will air on Fox.

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