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is XXXDating any good, is XXXDating for real, is XXXDating legit, online sex dating sites, scam sex dating sites, sites like XXXDating, worst sex dating sites, XXXDating comparison, XXXDating ratings, XXXDating review, XXXDating scam Lie #1: claims to have 15 million members. Most of those members are actually not registered with, but with its parent site, Speaking of “untrue,” that’s the source of the “15 million members” lie. They’re not even sugar coating, they’re just completely untrue.This isn’t even a sex dating site, but a place for people looking to have extramarital affairs.As soon as we upgraded out membership enough to send those emails, however, we were able to watch the number of available girls fall…and fall…and fall… It took us three months to get 250 girls to email, but we managed it. ALL of them were fake profiles set up by the site or by individual scammers (check out our guide to spotting and avoiding Internet scammers on sex dating sites).We didn’t bother to set up a date with any of these spambots.While some people on sex dating sites might be looking to have affairs, that’s not necessarily the same demographic—and we should mention that membership to does not mean you can get into for free.

Lie #2 is that if you don’t meet someone within three months, you get your money back.

A Mc Rib is closer to being a cow than is to being a sex dating site.


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