Xxxmatch dating


If you don’t get laid during that time, you will get another 3-month subscription free.However, there are rules that you must follow in order to qualify for this offer: Silver Membership: contact all members, reply to all emails, Instant Messaging chat, 90 day guarantee...After 1 week of testing, I spoke to 11 girls in total (there are millions of users, so that’s why the number was so high) of which 90% were hot, the rest were OK to not so great.


I played around with every possible feature I could to get the full picture of how good the service was.Searching for girls was pretty easy although it did return a few of the same girls for different searches.The aim was to see if any of these sites could actually get me laid or if they were all B. There are a vast amount of women on this site, who are VERY active.You can actually see if the girl is online or not and start chatting with them straightaway, which to me was a really cool feature.


One of the coolest features of is its 90-day hook up guarantee.The offer works like this: sign up for a three month subscription.


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