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Since I'd pay to watch a monkey smoke, I can unceremoniously strike worrying about damaging my bench off my list of concerns, which frees me up to experiment and discover new ways to get stuff done.

With this assertion firmly in place, I'd like to share a few things I've implemented for creating my workspace that have worked well for my brain.

Your workspace will look different, but the practices I chose to follow here can be used for anyone looking to match their setup to their brain.

Put simply, Evan Booth loves to build stuff out of other stuff.

Throughout 2013 and into 2014, in an effort to highlight hypocrisy and "security theater" brought about by the TSA, through a research project called Terminal Cornucopia, Evan created an arsenal ranging from simple, melee weapons to reloadable firearms to remotely-trigger incendiary suitcases—all solely comprised of items that anyone can purchase inside most airport terminals *after* the security checkpoint.

If this holds true, it stands to reason that, more often than not, our workspaces are always naturally trending away from being tidy and highly-functional.

At this point, the odds are good that I'm just trying to rationalize why my office is an unmitigated disaster most of the time, but since you've made it this far, let's make one more assumption: No two people are exactly alike, therefore no two workspaces are exactly alike.



I paid a princely sum of for the pair, which, by the way, are absolutely rock solid.

In my humble opinion, time spent stressing about whether or not to drill that hole to make way for a bolt or to screw down a jig, or to otherwise cause irreparable damage to your workbench, is time completely wasted.


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