Youtube video views not updating

A lot of people were crudely inflating their views this way -- or using "bots" and "increasers" to artificially generate those views, trying to show off their own vids as being more popular than they really were. If You Tube feels that any of them were suspicious, they will actually freeze the view count until the number of "real views" hits that 300 mark -- or in extreme cases, they will behind-the-scenes reset the counter and wait until the video gets 300 "real views". For the You Tube "Ad Sense" program, CTRs (Click-through Ratios) are only considered after 30 seconds of a video.Thus, in order for real views to take effect and count, a video has to be played at least 30 seconds -- or the entire length of a video if it's shorter than that. You Tube won't ever tell you (or anyone) this, but most ordinary videos get 1 "rating" for about every 200 to 300 views, while the extra popular videos get 1 rating for about every 50 or 100.Also taken into consideration would be: 1 -- the number of different computers that have watched your video, 2 -- how many of those views were actually derived from the "same" computers, and 3 -- the "pace" at which people clicked on your video.If you have friends who legitimately watch your video, but do it repeatedly maybe every few minutes/hours, I believe that only some of those views count, and that the others are set aside.Thus anything which "deviates" from those norms is considered suspicious.(I'm pretty sure that You Tube probably has an equivalent formula for "comments", but I do not know what those minimums/maximums might be).

Gone are the old days when a simple click actually meant a view. And all the discussion boards/threads/forums I have come across haven't said a thing either, thus I may have some answers: For the first 300 views (sometimes it'll stop at around 350), "all is fair" -- meaning it does not matter how those "views" were generated, cheating or otherwise. After that, You Tube checks up on those views to see how many were actually "legitimate".

You Tube (and Google) have statistics for everything, more than we'll ever know.

Thus, I'm sure there are other factors too -- like the "proportionality" of those views compared to your previous video(s).

In other words, if before all this you were only getting 5 views a day, how can it be that all of a sudden you're getting 300 if your total subscribers has not gone up significantly?

All this helps to explain why your views are "stuck" at 301 while the person who uploaded Susan Boyle and "Britain's Got Talent" had over 20,000,000 after just a couple weeks: -- those numbers were not derived from "bots", -- people watched for more than 30+ seconds, -- the ratings are not "disproportionate" at all, -- tons of computers have watched this video, -- nobody re-clicked after only a few seconds, -- there's no way that Susan Boyle had that many "friends" on You Tube before she became famous, all of them trying to inflate the views of some unknown person's video.All this explains why your video views won't move for days.


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