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Thomasin surrenders her soul to Scathach in order to survive.Newly empowered, Thomasin becomes the Butcher and returns to the colony where she slaughters the insurgents, but spares her son Ambrose.On Halloween, his second face drives him to kill the entire troupe and himself. The Countess goes to Charles Montgomery for an abortion, but her son, Bartholomew, survives the procedure.1904: The Countess is born.1919: The girls of Miss Robichaux's kill the Axeman.1922: Charles Montgomery builds the Murder House.1925: Mr. Charles and Nora begin performing illegal abortions in their basement. Evers' son Albert is kidnapped by Gordon Northcott and presumed dead. A patient's boyfriend kidnaps and dismembers Charles and Nora's son Thaddeus. Ethel gives birth to Jimmy during a live freak show performance.1932: Dr. Arden, who was then known as Hans Gruber, but Arden captures Massimo and tortures him.1936: Elsa leaves Germany and begins traveling to America with gypsies.The Butcher leads the surviving colonists inland, and begins practicing human sacrifice (which is when she kills Priscilla).When Ambrose leads a revolt, she slaughters them all.1692-1693: Tituba teaches black magic to the witches who enslave her. 1790: Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is founded.1792: Edward Philip Mott builds the farmhouse and is murdered by the Butcher.Late 1920s/early 1930s: The Countess discovers Valentino is alive. March seals Valentino and Natasha in the walls of the Cortez. Curran rapes Elizabeth Short, who dies from being sedated. Massimo Dolcefino moves to America.1948: Chester kills his wife, Lucy, and her girlfriend, Alice, for mocking his relationship with his ventriloquist dummy, Marjorie.1949: Sister Jude hits Missy Stone in a drunk-driving accident and flees the scene, believing the child had died. Stanley amputates both of Jimmy's hands without permission. Dandy becomes the new owner and kills most of the freaks before Desiree, Jimmy, Bette and Dot drown him.


1500s: Scathach, the first Supreme, stows away on a boat from England to America.Soon after arriving she is sentenced to be burned at the stake for being a witch, but she slaughters the white soldiers and blames the massacre on Native Americans.



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    Thomasin surrenders her soul to Scathach in order to survive.

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